Are you getting ready to move into a new house? Should you replace all the door locks throughout the house? When you purchase your new house, you will be handed a set of keys to the door locks. But who knows who else has the keys to those locks? That is why it makes perfect sense to change them as soon as possible. There are several more reasons why you should consider updating door locks.

Here are nine signs that it’s time to consider replacing your old door locks with new ones.

1. Your door locks are worn out.

Have you had the same door locks on your front doors for over a decade? This is a definite sign that you should prioritize “changing door locks” on your to-do list.  Some people believe that door locks are only meant to survive as long as the doors they are installed in. However, most door locks, even high-quality ones from the top manufacturers, will only last you approximately 7 to 10 years before having to be changed. If you can’t recall the last time you had your door locks updated, you should be cautious and replace them sooner rather than later. The longer you put off replacing locks, the worse they’ll be when you get around to it.

2. They’re Complicated to Handle

Do you have to struggle with your keys and jiggle them about in your door locks to get your home doors to open? This is just another indication that you will need to replace door locks shortly.  When you insert the correct key into a door lock, it should slide smoothly into place and spin with little effort. If it does not, it is likely that your door locks have reached their expiry date and must be changed. If you continue to use the same door locks, even though they are challenging to operate, you will eventually need to force a key to open one of your doors. And you’ll increase the likelihood of your key breaking while it’s still within your lock. A professional locksmith such as the pro locksmith can rapidly remove the key from the lock. However, if they notice the state of your door locks, they would most likely advise you to replace them.

3. They are irreparably damaged. After a Robbery

Every year, around 4 million house burglaries occur in the United States. According to studies, most of these thefts include criminals walking directly through unsecured doors to gain entrance to residences. However, in many cases, thieves are compelled to break into houses by kicking down doors or otherwise causing damage to them.

If you were recently the victim of house burglary and the burglar broke one of your door locks while breaking in, you may be eligible to have your lock repaired. A locksmith can help you improve burglary damage and make your safety operate like new again. However, if your damaged lock is beyond repair, you may need to consider replacing it entirely. Install deadbolts on your primary outside doors to make it more difficult for a thief to break into your house the next time.

Many homeowners spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars outfitting their houses with sophisticated security systems, security cameras, and other devices. While this is all well and good, your home’s outside doors are often the first line of defense. As a result, you should always ensure that the door locks are in good working order.

4. They’re rusted.

Have you noticed that the door locks on your external doors are rusting? The rust may be minor at first, but it will soon take over your door locks and wreak havoc on them. When door locks start to rust, it’s typically an indication that they’re becoming old. There aren’t many new door locks that are rusted. It seems to harm older locks that have been exposed to the outdoors for many years. You may be able to get away with a rusted lock for a bit more prolonged, but it’s not recommended. Rust will gradually wear down the mechanics within your safety, rendering it inoperable. You may mistakenly lock yourself out of your house when a lock malfunctions.

 Use the rust that is accumulating on a door lock as an incentive to get a new lock fitted. When you see how dazzling your new lock appears once it’s been installed in your door, you’ll be pleased you did.

5. They Are Not the Right Style

When the locks on your home’s exterior doors were installed, they most likely blended in with the rest of the ornamental accents.  However, when they age, they may no longer reflect the decor of your house.  If you’ve noticed that your door locks are looking a little out of place these days, it indicates that they need to be replaced. Even if they aren’t that old, you don’t want your door locks to detract from the curb appeal of your property or give the impression that you didn’t put much attention into its design. Replacing outdated door locks with new door locks that match your house’s decor can make a significant impact on how your home appears and feels.

6. A reputable company does not manufacture them.

There are about 200 firms that specialize in the production of door locks. They provide more than $4 billion in revenue each year. However, not all of these businesses are made equal. Some manufacturers provide much superior door locks than others. You should ensure that the locks you use in your house are manufactured by one of these businesses.

Look at the door locks you have in your house right now and see who created them. If you learn that they were made by a no-name manufacturer you’ve never heard of before, you should replace the door locks straight immediately. When shopping for door locks created by reputable manufacturers, you may not know where to begin. However, a residential locksmith in your neighborhood can assist you in installing the greatest possible door locks on the doors in your house. They may go through some of your alternatives with you and show you door locks from various trustworthy brands.

7. They pose a security risk.

Is one of your home’s door locks particularly simple to pick? This might come in handy if you accidentally lock yourself out of your house. You may quickly re-enter your home by picking up one of the locks on your doors. However, if you can pick your door lock, it follows that almost anybody else can. Burglars, in particular, will have a slight issue entering your house if you have an easy-to-pack lock. You may eliminate this evident security concern by replacing the easy-to-pick lock with a more robust one. It will instantly make your house safer and prevent someone from entering your property by picking a lock.

8. They Aren’t High-Tech Enough.

Have you made an effort to make your house “smarter” in recent years?

There are several incredible products on the market now that may assist individuals in converting any house into a smart home. You may also smarten up your house by purchasing intelligent locks that enable you to lock and open your doors without requiring any keys. Unlike many other smart gadgets, intelligent residential locks are still in their infancy. However, today, there is no reason not to consider smart locks when changing door locks in your house. You may install anything from a primary smart lock that requires you to enter a code to access a door to a biometric smart lock that requires you to use your fingerprint to unlock a door. Make sure you use the right residential locksmith to install a smart lock. It will guarantee that it functions well from the start and continues to function effectively into the future.

9. They are not giving you peace of mind.

People are stressed out over a variety of issues.   Replacing door locks in your house may decrease tension and help you feel more secure in your home. The locks on your house’s doors should give you peace of mind, both at home and when you’re traveling or working. If they’re not giving you peace of mind, it’s time to purchase new locks. Replacing door locks will need a financial expenditure on your side. However, it will be a small price to pay if you realize how much peace of mind it brings in the coming months and years. It would be best if you considered contacting a local locksmith as soon as possible to supply you with this much-needed peace of mind.

Request that a Locksmith replace your door locks now.

It makes no difference if you have just moved into a new home or have been in the same house for decades.

Door lock replacement may benefit everyone.

For people who are moving into a new home, new door locks will boost security and prevent anybody whom the previous owner from entering gave a key. They will also improve the appearance of a new house. New door locks will make it much simpler to operate and prevent keys from breaking off in the locks for individuals who have lived in their house for an extended period. They will also match the locks in residence to the design utilized throughout.

The pro locksmith will be happy to tell you more about how changing door locks may enhance your house in various ways. We can assist you in locating the appropriate locks for your home and ensure they are correctly installed.



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